To: Members of Local 590

From: 2015 Election Committee (Ed Deegan, Charles Hardy, David Johnson and Ben Webster)

The election for AFSCME Local 590 will be held on:
Thursday, October 15th, from 9 am to 5 pm in Room 217
(Bishop White Meeting Room) of Houston Hall.

All members are eligible to vote.
Voters must present photo ID.
No electioneering will be allowed in the polling place.

The following office will appear on the ballot:
DC 47 Delegate Assembly Member (vote for up to 3)

The nominated candidates are:

            Sarah Bauman

            Robert Harris

            John Hogan

            Coy Hudgen

            Thomas Laws




The nominating meeting for the Local 590 officer and delegate election will be held on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, AT 5:15 P.M., IN THE CLASS OF ’55 CONFERENCE ROOM.

Nominations will be taken for the following offices:

Vice President

Recording Secretary

Executive Board Member at Large (3)

D.C. 47 Delegate Assembly Member (3)

Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO Delegate (2)

Trustee (1)

AFSCME International Convention Delegate (1)

Any member in good standing for at least one year may be nominated for any position: except that no retired member shall be a candidate for local office.

For any office for whom the number of members nominated does not exceed the number of positions available, those nominated will be declared elected.

A member who is nominated must affirmatively accept the nomination in order to appear on the ballot. If the member nominated is absent, the election committee shall obtain the member’s acceptance or refusal before the preparation of ballots.

Yours in solidarity,
The Local 590 Executive Board